Civil Process

The Civil Process Section is assigned to serve court documents issued from Sumner County, the various courts throughout the state and out-of-state district courts.  These documents include but are not limited to criminal and civil summons, CINC (child in need of care) papers, garnishments, hearings to appear, income withhold orders, juvenile papers, notice to appears, contempt of court citations, orders of replevin, orders to appear and show cause, protection from abuse orders, subpoenas, tax warrants, writs of execution and restitution, etc.

Until 2004 the Kansas Sheriff’s were required by statute to serve all court documents at no cost to the plaintiffs.  Per 2004 HB 2293, there is a service fee of $15 for serving civil process within the State of Kansas.  This fee applies to each address served.  This assists to some degree to offset the costs of service.

This outline is provided by the Sumner County Sheriff for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice or as a complete statement of the law regarding any Civil or Criminals proceedings. The procedures described in this outline are subject to change at any time dependent upon changes in state law and County policies. It is your responsibility to determine and verify all information that you may need, or upon which you may rely.

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