The Sheriff’s Office provides general and specialized investigative services throughout Sumner County based upon the need for countywide jurisdiction to conduct an investigation and upon the availability of investigative resources in a local police department. Investigative services are organized into the functional groups of Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Drug Enforcement, Crime Scene processing, Crime Analysis and Street Drug Enforcement.

Investigators are assigned reported violations of Kansas criminal law that occur within Sumner County and it is their responsibility to gather both the physical evidence and factual information required to identify and apprehend offenders and to assist the County Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of those offenders. Investigators are assigned to crimes that vary from homicide, robbery, sexual offenses, burglary, credit card and identity fraud, computer crime, and missing person cases. Investigators also serve search warrants and subpoenas in the course of their investigations.

The investigative division has a local laboratory which is used to process evidence.  Investigators are trained in processing crime scenes for collecting and preserving evidence.  The Sumner County Drone is available for all types of missions from search and rescue to natural disasters, and collecting evidence when it is needed.

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