Patrol Area

The Patrol Section consists of 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants, 11 full time deputies and 2 part time deputy that operate in marked Sheriff Patrol cars.  They work three 8 hour shifts, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Their primary mission is to respond to calls for service from the public, detect or prevent violations of criminal and traffic laws, as well as providing assistance to the communities in the county whenever requested.

The Patrol section is the most visible division of the Sheriff’s Office and in most cases, makes the first contact with the residents of Sumner County regarding reported crimes, traffic concerns, and requests for assistance.

Patrol Area

Area of Sumner County: 1,188 Square Miles
State and Federal Highways: K2,K42,K15,K53,K49,K55, U.S. 81, U.S. 160,
U.S.166, U.S. 177
Sumner  County Paved Roads: 294 Miles
Sumner County Gravel Roads: 223 Miles
Kansas Turnpike (I-35): 33 Miles
Population of Sumner County: 23,272
County Townships: 30
Incorporated Cities: 11
Sumner County Seat: Wellington
Judicial District: 30th

Reserve Section
The Reserve Section of the Sheriff’s Office is a volunteer organization of fully commissioned, armed deputies who assist with day-to-day as well as emergency operations. Reserve deputies are required to provide no less than 16 hours of volunteer service during each month and attend monthly meetings. Additionally, Reserve deputies must successfully complete a KLETC part time academy and
annual in-service training requirements.  The monthly meetings provide training and information exchange opportunities.

Contacting a Patrol Deputy
If you would like to contact a Deputy to discuss your case or ask questions, please click on the appropriate link below.  If you know your case number, please include it in the subject line of the
email.  Sheriff’s Office phone number is 620-326-8941, each deputy’s phone extension is attached below along with their e-mail address.

Phone Extension
Patrol Lt. Mike Friday 6020

First Shift

Sgt. Marcus Bunce 6010
Deputy Sam Wylie 6029
Deputy Jeffrey Miller 6022
 Deputy Keith Lloyd 6032

Second Shift

Sgt. Fred Corley  6031
Deputy Emileigh Biddle 6027
Deputy Nathan Niemann 6025
Deputy Ethan Scott 6019
Deputy Tyler Stover 6030
Deputy Clayton Mackey 6035
Deputy Steve Williams 6026

Third Shift

Sgt. Tyler Rickstrew 6033
Deputy Ghentry Chance 6036
Deputy Elizabeth Hess 6024
Deputy Hunter Elliott 6034

Patrol – FAQs

Q:  How do I keep people from trespassing on my property?
A:  Clearly posted signs stating NO TRESPASSING or by verbal communication. The offender must be clear, either by signage or by being told in person that they are not welcome on the land.

Q:  Can I discharge a firearm in the county?
A:  As long as you are in the unincorporated part of the county and you have permission from the landowner. Remember to be safe and consider the direction of the round being fired. If any people,
dwellings, businesses or livestock are within striking distance of the rounds being fired, it is advisable to find a different location. IT IS A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW TO HUNT OR DISCHARGE A

Q: Do I have to have my dog on a leash while I am in the county?
A:  Currently, there is no leash law in the unincorporated area of Sumner County. If you reside in some cities there may be a city ordinance, where you have to have a canine on a leash. If you are
aware your canine is aggressive it is your responsibility to keep the canine on a leash and prevent it from being aggressive to others.

Q:  What is the grace period for renewing vehicle license plates?
A:  There is no grace period. You have the entire month to register your vehicle when the tag comes up for renewal. There are some exceptions to this rule as governed by state law but not for passenger cars, motorcycles and pickup trucks.

Q:     I have a question regarding my child custody.
A:      Contact your personal attorney regarding these types of questions

Q:   How do I get a concealed carry permit?
A:  The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office processes applications for concealed carry permits during normal business hours, excluding Thursdays.  For answers to specific questions regarding the
concealed carry permits, please go to the Kansas Attorney General’s Concealed Carry website: carry

Q:  How do I report criminal activity?
A:  Call 911.  This will put you in touch with the Sumner County Emergency Communications Center. The dispatcher answering the phone will have a number of questions for you to answer.  Once an
adequate amount of information is obtained another dispatcher will be dispatching a deputy to your location to take a report.