Active Shooters

Definition of an Active Shooter:  
“An individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.”

What Is An Active Shooter Event?
An active shooter event involves one or more persons engaged in killing or attempting to kill multiple people in an area occupied by multiple unrelated individuals.

Active shooter events continue to increase in their frequency. In some situations, it is clear that those who would conduct such a horrific act of violence against innocent unarmed victims seem to be learning from both the successes and the failures of their demented predecessors. We will attempt to identify the common traits of these murderers and what motivates them to one day wake up and commit mass murder

The Location
The location of an active event varies from case to case; however, one thing is consistent: the number of victims as it relates to the shooters motivation. A shooter who commits workplace violence usually targets a specific person or group of persons to target.  While a person who targets a large number of persons usually has a grievance against society as a whole.

Active Shooter Event Locations over the last decade:
40% in Businesses
29% in Schools
19% Outdoors
12% in Other Places

How to react in an Active Shooter Situation
These are suggestions only in how to defend yourself and others against an active shooter, these drills can be practiced and discussed in work place meetings.

•         Leave ASAP
•        Know your exits
•        Call 911
•        Consider Secondary Exits

•        Lock the door
•        Lights out
•        Out of sight
•        Barricade
1.        Heavier=Better
2.        More=Better
3.        Doorstops=Better?
•        Outward Opening Doors
1.        Ropes
2.        Tactical Cinch to keep closed

•        Positioning
•        Ambush
•        Grab the gun
•        Fight

Active Shooter Statisticians

School Active Shooter

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