The Operations Division of the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is broken into sections, comprised of the Patrol Section, the Reserve section, the Training Section and SWAT.

Patrol Section
The Patrol Section consists of 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants, 11 full time deputies and 2 part time deputy that operate in marked Sheriff Patrol cars.  They work three 8 hour shifts, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Their primary mission is to respond to calls for service from the public, detect or prevent violations of criminal and traffic laws, as well as providing assistance to the communities in the county whenever requested.

The Patrol section is the most visible division of the Sheriff’s Office and in most cases, makes the first contact with the residents of Sumner County regarding reported crimes, traffic concerns, and requests for assistance.

Patrol Area
Contacting a Patrol Deputy
Patrol FAQ

Reserve Section
The Reserve Section of the Sheriff’s Office is a volunteer organization of fully commissioned, armed deputies who assist with day-to-day as well as emergency operations. Reserve deputies are required to provide no less than 16 hours of volunteer service during each month and attend monthly meetings. Additionally, Reserve deputies must successfully complete a KLETC part time academy and annual in-service training requirements.  The monthly meetings provide training and information exchange opportunities.

Interested in joining?
The Sumner County Sheriff’s Reserve is looking for men and women of good moral character with an interest in volunteer public service. Interested individuals should contact Undersheriff Mike Westmoreland for an application packet.

Candidates for the Reserve must be: 21 years of age, in good physical condition and capable of carrying out strenuous law enforcement activities, a U.S. and Kansas citizen, complete a written application, agree to and pass extensive background, psychological and drug screening tests, posses a valid Kansas driver’s license, posses a high school diploma or GED, and complete a comprehensive training academy. After successful completion of the training academy, Reserve deputies continue their training through an FTO program to further gain the knowledge and experience they will need as a Law Enforcement officer.

Training Section
The Training Section ensures all commissioned (sworn) personnel are provided with a minimum of 40 hours of in-service training every year, as required by the State of Kansas. In 2003 the Training Section presented a Part Time Officer Basic Training Academy sanctioned by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC).  This has become an annual event normally presents two basic training academies per year for commissioned deputies and four basic training academies for detention deputies. All training is done in compliance with applicable state mandates. The firearms range is also a function of the Training Section and recruits are given their basic firearms instruction there. Annual in-service training and quarterly firearms qualifications are conducted at the range.

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team or S.E.R.T, was formed in 1997. The Sheriff’s Office recognized that the presence of a highly trained, highly skilled law enforcement tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers, and suspects. It has also been recognized that a well-managed “team” response to critical incidents usually results in successful resolution of critical incidents.

In 2000 the team was expanded to allow officers from other agencies to join.  In addition 2 Medics were added, and changed our name from SERT to Sumner County SWAT since we were now a Multi-jurisdictional team.

In 2009 we established a board of directors, adopted bylaws and changed our name to Southern Kansas SWAT (SKS).  Currently we have 17 members from 7 different departments in Sumner and Cowley counties.  The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is the “Base of Operations” for SKS with command falling under the Operations Commander.  There are 12 tactical operators, 3 snipers, 1 medics, 2 negotiators.

The mission of Southern Kansas SWAT is to save lives. It is a tactically trained, specially equipped and highly disciplined unit. Their purpose is to provide the type of tactical response necessary to safely diffuse or bring to a closure certain types of high risk or threat situations. These include but are not limited to barricaded or suicidal subjects, high risk search warrants, active shooters and dignitary protection. Utilizing specialized equipment and tactics, this team has provided a valuable tool for the Sheriff’s Office in enhancing the public’s safety.

Team members must have a minimum of 3 years law enforcement experience, pass physical, psychological and firearms testing as well as an oral review board. The team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist all law enforcement agencies within the region.

It is the goal of Southern Kansas SWAT to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for the citizens of Sumner County. The team’s primary responsibility is to preserve life and peacefully resolve crisis situations by using specialized tactical training, skills, and equipment