Amazing tribute to Deputy Kunze written by Sumner County Deputy Wylie

Farewell Brother

Thousands in attendance, and many still outside. We’ve come from all over to pay tribute to this hero who died.

The flags lining the street out front, the holders standing quiet as we drive by. A more beautiful site in America is hard to behold, even if you try.

Shirts ironed, and pants neatly pressed with care. All in honor of a guardian we now lay to rest his life’s work laid bare.

We hear stories of his childhood, of his daughter and his wife. All coming full circle as he met head on his final sacrifice.

This earth couldn’t keep him, he was needed elsewhere we now see. Guarding the gates of heaven, where he awaits you and me.

There’s no greater love that can ever be displayed. Today we send off a true hero, of his final hour he wouldn’t trade.

Fighting evil to the end, and saving two lives before he was called home. A warriors send off awaited him with support from his blue family was shown.

This man, this father, husband and true friend. Didn’t awake Sunday morning knowing today his life here would end.

Still he answered the call, rushing the wolves that plague our land. Toeing the Blue line and taking a stand.

The procession to the graveside a splendor to behold. Thousands lined the streets from young to the old.

Holding the American flag and many the flag of the thin blue line. A show of support we won’t forget until the end of our time.

Lines of officers stand at attention at the cemetery hoping for a send off so grand. A more noble calling to serve surely blessed by God’s hand.

God Bless you Deputy Kunze for your unyielding sacrifice. We’ll not forget you for the rest of our life.

Sumner County, KS
Darren Chambers, Sheriff
Phone: 620-326-8941