Special Seatbelt Enforcement

 Sumner County residents and travelers:

October 29th through November 2nd, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office along with agencies across the state of Kansas will be performing special seatbelt enforcement. The area of focus will be on drivers and their occupants in school zones. Throughout the day during this period Deputies will be searching for unrestrained drivers and passengers of motor vehicles.

According to the 2018 Kansas Occupant Protection Observational Survey approximately 84% of Kansans wear their seatbelt. That number increased by 2% from the 2017 survey. 96% of children have been found to be buckled in a vehicle if the driver is wearing their seat belt. On the other end 29% of children were found to not be buckled if the driver is not wearing their seat belt. Kansas historically falls below the national average rate of drivers and occupants who wear their seat belt.

With special enforcement programs such as this we hope to bring awareness to the dangers of being unrestrained in motor vehicles and increase the percentage of Kansans who wear their seat belt while traveling in a motor vehicle! Stay safe and stay buckled up!

For information behind the statistics visit https://www.ktsro.org/seatbelts-and-driving-behaviors.

Sumner County, KS
Darren Chambers, Sheriff
Phone: 620-326-8941